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Sussex Health and Care

The CCG is a GP-led NHS body responsible for planning, buying and monitoring the majority of your local health services in the Mid Sussex, Horsham and Crawley area... Read more about Sussex Health and Care

Clinical Waste Collections

We can collect and dispose of hazardous waste (such as infectious and contaminated swabs, wound dressings and wound vacuum drains or pumps waste) and sharps, as these should not be disposed of in your household refuse waste. We don’t collect non-hazardous healthcare waste (such as non-infectious dressings, plasters and bandages, incontinence pads, sanitary waste, stoma bags and catheter waste) as this can be disposed of safely in your black refuse bin. Please visit the website listed below to complete our online form to receive your free service. If you need to speak to us more then please use the contact details below. .. Read more about Clinical Waste Collections

Age UK East Grinstead & District at Glen Vue Centre

Age UK East Grinstead and District offers a wide range of services and activities for people over the age of 50, including a Saturday Club in East Grinstead for people living with dementia .. Read more about Age UK East Grinstead & District at Glen Vue Centre

West Sussex Connect to Support

West Sussex Connect to Support helps residents to find information and advice about services and activities in their local area to help them live independently... Read more about West Sussex Connect to Support

Alzheimer's Society

Questions about dementia? If you are worried about someone who is confused and forgetful, affected by dementia or if you are concerned about your own memory, please call or email the Alzheimer’s Society Sussex Helpline... Read more about Alzheimer's Society